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  • Research Resource: Update and Extension of a Glycoprotein Hormone Receptors Web Application
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  1. Kreuchwig, Annika |
  2. Kleinau, Gunnar |
  3. Kreuchwig, Franziska |
  4. Worth, Catherine L. |
  5. Krause, Gerd |
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  • 2011-04-01
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  • 25(4): 707-712
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  • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5417262/ |
  • https://doi.org/10.1210/me.2010-0510 |
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  • The SSFA-GPHR (Sequence-Structure-Function-Analysis of Glycoprotein Hormone Receptors) database provides a comprehensive set of mutation data for the glycoprotein hormone receptors (covering the lutropin, the FSH, and the TSH receptors). Moreover, it provides a platform for comparison and investigation of these homologous receptors and helps in understanding protein malfunctions associated with several diseases. Besides extending the data set (> 1100 mutations), the database has been completely redesigned and several novel features and analysis tools have been added to the web site. These tools allow the focused extraction of semiquantitative mutant data from the GPHR subtypes and different experimental approaches. Functional and structural data of the GPHRs are now linked interactively at the web interface, and new tools for data visualization (on three-dimensional protein structures) are provided. The interpretation of functional findings is supported by receptor morphings simulating intramolecular changes during the activation process, which thus help to trace the potential function of each amino acid and provide clues to the local structural environment, including potentially relocated spatial counterpart residues. Furthermore, double and triple mutations are newly included to allow the analysis of their functional effects related to their spatial interrelationship in structures or homology models. A new important feature is the search option and data visualization by interactive and user-defined snake-plots. These new tools allow fast and easy searches for specific functional data and thereby give deeper insights in the mechanisms of hormone binding, signal transduction, and signaling regulation. The web application “Sequence-Structure-Function-Analysis of GPHRs” is accessible on the internet at http://www.ssfa-gphr.de/.
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lokal hormone binding
lokal datasets
lokal signal transduction
lokal snakes
lokal internet
lokal glycoprotein hormone
lokal thyrotropin receptor
lokal mutation
lokal amino acids
lokal luteinizing hormone
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