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  • Development and evaluation of two web-based interventions for the promotion of physical activity in older adults: study protocol for a community-based controlled intervention trial
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  1. Muellmann, Saskia |
  2. Bragina, Inna |
  3. Voelcker-Rehage, Claudia |
  4. Rost, Eric |
  5. Lippke, Sonia |
  6. Meyer, Jochen |
  7. Schnauber, Jochen |
  8. Wasmann, Merlin |
  9. Toborg, Merle |
  10. Koppelin, Frauke |
  11. Pischke, Claudia R. |
  12. Brand, Tilman |
  13. Zeeb, Hajo |
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  • 2017-05-25
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  • BACKGROUND: Regular physical activity (PA) is a key contributor to healthy ageing. However, despite known health benefits, only one third of older adults in Germany reach the PA levels recommended for persons aged 65 years and above by the World Health Organization. The aim of the current study is to evaluate the effectiveness of two web-based interventions for the initiation and maintenance of regular PA (i.e., intervention groups 1 and 2) compared to a delayed intervention control group of older adults aged 65 to 75 years. METHODS/DESIGN: Study participants will be randomly assigned to one of three study arms in five communities in the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan region: a) Participants in the first arm will receive access to a web-based intervention for 10 weeks allowing them to track their weekly PA (subjective self-monitoring, intervention group 1); b) participants in the second arm will receive access to the web-based intervention for 10 weeks and, in addition, track PA using Fitbit Zips (objective self-monitoring, intervention group 2); c) participants in the delayed intervention control group will receive access to the intervention implemented in the first study arm after completion of the 12-week follow-up in the other two groups within each community. In addition, weekly group meetings in the communities will be offered to study participants in the intervention groups providing the opportunity to address questions related to the use of the website and to practice PA in groups (e.g., neighborhood walks, strength and balance exercises). To evaluate short-term effects of the intervention on physical and psychological health, PA, physical fitness, and cognitive and psychological variables will be assessed at baseline and 12-week follow-up. DISCUSSION: This study will provide answers regarding acceptance and effectiveness of web-based interventions promoting uptake and maintenance of regular PA in persons aged 65–75 years. Study findings will contribute to a growing body of evidence in Germany concerning the role of community-based interventions for the promotion of PA and healthy ageing in older adults.
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lokal Intervention
lokal Physical activity
lokal Primary prevention
lokal Physical activity promotion
lokal Older adults
lokal Healthy ageing
lokal eHealth
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