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  • HMGA2 expression distinguishes between different types of postpubertal testicular germ cell tumour
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  1. Kloth, Lars |
  2. Gottlieb, Andrea |
  3. Helmke, Burkhard |
  4. Wosniok, Werner |
  5. Löning, Thomas |
  6. Burchardt, Käte |
  7. Belge, Gazanfer |
  8. Günther, Kathrin |
  9. Bullerdiek, Jörn |
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  • 2015-09-12
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  • 1(4): 239-251
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  • 2015
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  • The group of postpubertal testicular germ cell tumours encompasses lesions with highly diverse differentiation – seminomas, embryonal carcinomas, yolk sac tumours, teratomas and choriocarcinomas. Heterogeneous differentiation is often present within individual tumours and the correct identification of the components is of clinical relevance. HMGA2 re‐expression has been reported in many tumours, including testicular germ cell tumours. This is the first study investigating HMGA2 expression in a representative group of testicular germ cell tumours with the highly sensitive method of quantitative real‐time PCR as well as with immunohistochemistry. The expression of HMGA2 and HPRT was measured using quantitative real‐time PCR in 59 postpubertal testicular germ cell tumours. Thirty specimens contained only one type of tumour and 29 were mixed neoplasms. With the exception of choriocarcinomas, at least two pure specimens from each subgroup of testicular germ cell tumour were included. In order to validate the quantitative real‐time PCR data and gather information about the localisation of the protein, additional immunohistochemical analysis with an antibody specific for HMGA2 was performed in 23 cases. Expression of HMGA2 in testicular germ cell tumours depended on the histological differentiation. Seminomas and embryonal carcinomas showed no or very little expression, whereas yolk sac tumours strongly expressed HMGA2 at the transcriptome as well as the protein level. In teratomas, the expression varied and in choriocarcinomas the expression was moderate. In part, these results contradict data from previous studies but HMGA2 seems to represent a novel marker to assist pathological subtyping of testicular germ cell tumours. The results indicate a critical role in yolk sac tumours and some forms of teratoma.
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lokal qRT-PCR
lokal HMGA2
lokal testicular germ cell tumour
lokal embryonal carcinoma
lokal immunohistochemistry
lokal seminoma
lokal biomarker
lokal teratoma
lokal yolk sac tumour
lokal choriocarcinoma
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