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  • Euripid guidance document on external reference pricing (ERP)
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  • Euripid, National Institute of Health Insurance Fund Management, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, Státni Ústav pro Kontrolu Léčiv, Europäische Kommission ; authors: Claudia Habl (GÖG), Peter Schneider (GÖG), Gergely Németh (NEAK), Robin Šebesta (SÚKL); project Assistent: Monika Schintlmeister (GÖG)
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  1. Habl, Claudia |
  2. Schneider, Peter |
  3. Németh, Gergely |
  4. Šebesta, Robin |
  5. Schintlmeister, Monika |
  6. Gesundheit Österreich GmbH |
  7. Státni Ústav pro Kontrolu Léčiv (Prag) |
  8. Europäische Kommission (Prag) |
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  • Final Version 8.1
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  • HT019962893
1000 Erscheinungsort Brüssel
1000 Verlag Consumer, Health and Food Executive Agency (Chafea)
1000 Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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  1. Monografie |
  2. Report |
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  • Background and Research Question: The comparison of the prices of pharmaceuticals is an important element of a popular policy tool in Europe, known as ‘External Reference Pricing’ (ERP). Albeit being a commonly used policy instrument, ERP is often challenged by stakeholders by claiming potential negative effects on patients’ access or that it is hampering uptake of products in a market. Between 2016 and 2018 the Euripid Collaboration developed recommendations which are meant to guide a coordinated approach of national competent authorities regarding the use of ERP to mitigate potential negative impact for patient access. *** Methods: Electronic databases were searched for publications published during the period of 2002-2016. Grey literature, government or European Commission publications on Pharmaceutical pricing published during the same period were also searched via the Internet. In addition primary data were collected through a survey with national and EU authorities, stakeholder in the field of medicines and members of the EURIPID collaboration. The final document was prepared following a two-stage (written comments and face-to-face workshops) review process Euripid members, further national competent authorities on pricing and reimbursement of medicines, the WHO-PPRI network, European Commission policy officers and stakeholders in the field, i.e. economic operators, professional associations, patient and consumer organisations and third party payers’ associations. *** Results: Based on evidence and experience, twelve principles were developed to provide guidance when applying ERP. The principles follow the structure: Framing the issue - Things to consider - Recommendations. They cover important areas as the use of ERP for decision making, the scope/selection of reference countries, the scope/selection of medicines, the comparability of pharmaceuticals and formula used during ERP procedures. (...)
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ddc 330 Wirtschaft
ddc 610 Medizin und Gesundheit
ddc 615 Pharmakologie und Therapeutik
1000 DOI 10.4126/FRL01-006412800 |
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  • This report was produced under the third Health Programme (2014-2020) in the frame of a specific contract with the Consumer, Health and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) acting under the mandate of the European Commission
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  1. Euripid guidance document on external reference pricing (ERP)
  2. Euripid guidance document: laymen version
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  • 1 Online-Ressource (IV, 33 Seiten)
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