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  • The Interplay Between Stress, Inflammation, and Emotional Attention: Relevance for Depression
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  1. Maydych, Viktoriya |
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  • 2019-04-24
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  • Depression is among the most significant public mental health issues. A growing body of research implicates inflammation in the etiology and pathophysiology of depression. Yet, the results are somewhat inconsistent, leading to burgeoning attempts to identify associations between components of innate immune system involved in inflammation and specific symptoms of depression, including attention to emotional information. Negative attentional bias, defined as a tendency to direct attention toward negatively valenced information, is one of the core cognitive features of depression and is reliably demonstrated in depressed and vulnerable individuals. Altered attentional processing of emotional information and immunological changes are often precipitated by stressful events. Psychological stress triggers inflammatory activity and affective-cognitive changes that play a critical role in the onset, maintenance, and recurrence of depression. Using various designs, recent studies have reported a positive relationship between markers of inflammation and negative attentional bias on behavioral and neural levels, suggesting that the association between inflammation and emotional attention might represent a neurobiological pathway linking stress and depression. This mini-review summarizes current research on the reciprocal relationships between different types of stressors, emotional attention, inflammation, and depression, and discusses potential neurobiological mechanisms underlying these interactions. The integration provided aims to contribute toward understanding how biological and psychological processes interact to influence depression outcomes.
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lokal psychological stress
lokal depressive disorders
lokal attentional bias
lokal emotional attention
lokal negative bias
lokal inflammation
lokal cytokines
lokal depression
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