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  • Zooplankton impact on lipid biomarkers in water column vs. surface sediments of the stratified Eastern Gotland Basin (Central Baltic Sea)
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  1. Wittenborn, Anna |
  2. Schmale, Oliver |
  3. Thiel, Volker |
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  • 2020-06-12
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  • 15(6):e0234110
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  • 2020
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  • Sediments from stratified marine environments often show an enhanced preservation of organic matter (OM) which is attributed to the limitation, or absence, of oxygen in the bottom waters and surface sediments. Yet there is still a limited knowledge about the changes that the associated biomarker signals undergo in the different parts of a stratified environment, and as to which extent the situation in the productive upper parts of the water column is eventually reflected in the sedimentary record. To better understand these processes we studied particulate matter samples from the stratified, partly anoxic Eastern Gotland Basin (EGB, Central Baltic Sea) during a strong cyanobacterial bloom in August 2016. Endmember samples representing the main biomass producers within the phytoplankton (cyanobacteria) and mesozooplankton (copepods) were obtained from different levels of the water column. Major extractable lipids (fatty acids, n-alcohols, sterols, and selected hydrocarbons) were analysed from the same materials and compared to samples cored from the underlying surface sediments (0–12 cm). Given the annually recurring phenomenon of cyanobacterial blooms we anticipated to find a considerable lipid footprint of the major primary producers in the sedimentary record of the EGB. Unexpectedly, however, lipids in the surface sediments largely derived from the storage lipids (mainly wax esters) of the copepod Pseudocalanus spp. which thrived in deeper, more saline and oxygen-depleted waters. Carbon number and unsaturation patterns suggest that the component n-alcohols of these wax esters are transformed into the corresponding n-fatty acids prior to further degradation in the sediment. In the EGB deposits, most of the plankton-derived lipids studied appear to be degraded on a time scale of decades. In terms of relative abundances, long-chain n-alkyl lipids and C29 sterols from terrestrial plant sources instead become predominant in the deeper sediment layers. Likewise, higher stanol/sterol ratios of C27-sterols vs. C29-sterols indicate a more intense biodegradation of planktonic OM as compared to terrestrial OM. Our observations indicate that primary produced particulate OM is heavily modified by mesozooplankton grazing. This overprint adds on the influence of heterotrophic microorganisms and, in the sediment, preferential preservation of terrestrial biomarkers. Taken together, these factors result in a major decoupling of the biomarker signals between the productive upper mixed layer and the oxygen-depleted bottom waters and sediments of the EGB.
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