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  • Potential gains in health expectancy by improving lifestyle: an application for European regions
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  1. Füssenich, Koen |
  2. Nusselder, Wilma J. |
  3. Lhachimi, Stefan |
  4. Boshuizen, Hendriek C. |
  5. Feenstra, Talitha F. |
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  • 2019-01-17
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  • BACKGROUND: Prevention aiming at smoking, alcohol consumption, and BMI could potentially bring large gains in life expectancy (LE) and health expectancy measures such as Healthy Life Years (HLY) and Life Expectancy in Good Perceived Health (LEGPH) in the European Union. However, the potential gains might differ by region. METHODS: A Sullivan life table model was applied for 27 European countries to calculate the impact of alternative scenarios of lifestyle behavior on life and health expectancy. Results were then pooled over countries to present the potential gains in HLY and LEGPH for four European regions. RESULTS: Simulations show that up to 4 years of extra health expectancy can be gained by getting all countries to the healthiest levels of lifestyle observed in EU countries. This is more than the 2 years to be gained in life expectancy. Generally, Eastern Europe has the lowest LE, HLY, and LEGPH. Even though the largest gains in LEPGH and HLY can also be made in Eastern Europe, the gap in LE, HLY, and LEGPH can only in a small part be closed by changing smoking, alcohol consumption, and BMI. CONCLUSION: Based on the current data, up to 4 years of good health could be gained by adopting lifestyle as seen in the best-performing countries. Only a part of the lagging health expectancy of Eastern Europe can potentially be solved by improvements in lifestyle involving smoking and BMI. Before it is definitely concluded that lifestyle policy for alcohol use is of relatively little importance compared to smoking or BMI, as our findings suggest, better data should be gathered in all European countries concerning alcohol use and the odds ratios of overconsumption of alcohol.
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lokal Healthy life years
lokal Life table modeling
lokal Life expectancy in good perceived health
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  1. European Commission – Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, CHAFEA (Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency) |
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  1. Potential gains in health expectancy by improving lifestyle: An application for European regions
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    1000 Förderer European Commission – Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, CHAFEA (Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency) |
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