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  • Metadata schema of the NFDI4Health and the NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 (V3_0)
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  1. Shutsko, Aliaksandra |
  2. Schmidt, Carsten Oliver |
  3. Klopfenstein, Sophie Anne Ines |
  4. Darms, Johannes |
  5. Golebiewski, Martin |
  6. Vorisek, Carina Nina |
  7. Abaza, Haitham |
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  1. NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 |
  2. NFDI4Health |
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  1. Forschungsdaten |
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  • 2022
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lokal Epidemiology
gnd 1206347392 COVID-19
lokal Standard
lokal Clinical trials
lokal Metadata
lokal FAIR principles
lokal Public Health
lokal Metadata model
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1000 DOI 10.4126/FRL01-006439110 |
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  • The Metadata Schema of the NFDI4Health and the NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 (Metadata Schema) contains a list of properties that describe a resource to be registered in the German Central Health Study Hub. Currently, two main types of resources are distinguished: a) study descriptions (i.e., metadata set describing a study) and b) study documents. However, due to the generic character of the Metadata Schema, other types of resources may also be described and registered. The metadata properties are divided into mandatory and recommended ones. Along with bibliographic information such as title and description of the resource, the related persons and organizations contributing to the development of the resource can also be specified. The results of studies published in journal articles or other text publications can be linked too. For studies, information about study design and accessibility of the collected data should be additionally provided. The Metadata Schema consists mainly of properties adapted from established standards and models such as DataCite Metadata Schema 4.4, data models of the, German Clinical Trials Register, International Clinical Trials Registry, HL7® FHIR, MIABIS, Maelstrom Research cataloguing toolkit and DDI Controlled Vocabularies. This is an updated version V3_0 of the Metadata Schema, which in addition to the core module of previous versions, includes also two use case-specific modules for nutritional epidemiology and chronic diseases. The undertaken changes are described within the document.
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  1. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft |
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  1. Metadata schema of the NFDI4Health and the NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 (V3_0)
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